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Database Survey of Watershed and River Groups: Part 1 - What They're Using and How They Like It

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About Baird

With the enthusiastic volunteers of PRODENA in 1993.

Since 1990, I've supported nonprofit leaders of environmental and conservation organizations. I got started in Bolivia with the volunteers of the Bolivian Society for the Defense of Nature in La Paz, and to this day I am amazed by what a small group of citizens can accomplish with big hearts and small resources. That led to similar work in Honduras, and eventually consulting jobs assessing larger conservation projects in Latin America.

From 1998 to 2007 I spent 9 rewarding years at the Institute for Conservation Leadership, where I broadened my expertise into nonprofit management and capacity building in general. I had the opportunity to create and lead programs, including:

Recently, in my consulting with LeadGreen I've focused on campaign and strategic planning and on best practices for strengthening citizen involvement. (See my study of building grassroots leadership in Honduras.) I've had the good luck to work with wonderful organizations overseas and with many river and watershed organizations in the U.S.

This has led me into methods to systematize volunteer management among grassroots organizations, and eventually to database systems which automate that. (Thus the WaterGrass database.) My dream is that there will one day be enough well-run environmental and conservation groups that every human on the planet will participate somehow in protecting the Earth.