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When Will Donations Arrive?

Database Survey of Watershed and River Groups: Part 1 - What They're Using and How They Like It

Database Survey of Watershed and River Groups: Part 2 - Costs and Benefits

Broader Movement

The Broader Movement: Enviro' Groups 1989 - 2005

Building Citizen Advocacy Groups for the Environment
Case Study

Building Membership and Volunteerism

Since 1993 I’ve been helping grassroots organizations build their ranks of members and volunteers, and, perhaps most important, transforming some of those into their leaders. Organizations I’ve worked with have increased the number of volunteers, their volunteer hours, and the new leaders they generate. Some of the tools I use:

One account of my approach is the web article on organizing in Honduras, included in the list of resources, “Building Citizen Advocacy Groups for the Environment – A Quantitative Case Study.”

“Working with Baird Straughan over the years has been both an absolute pleasure and incredibly productive.  Not only did he help Dogwood Alliance develop a comprehensive and meaningful strategic plan, he also helped us develop the organizational resources in terms of development and sustainability that turned the plan into a reality.  Our organization has benefited greatly from his gift for strategy and full systems thinking and we will continue to turn to him in his new role for support and guidance.” – Scott Quaranda, Director of Campaigns, Dogwood Alliance.