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Strategic Planning

Drawing connections between ideas for the National Family Farm CoalitionI confess to loving strategic planning.  It’s a great luxury to step back, assess what’s worked, what’s new, and then adjust course.  This practice creates dynamic, learning organizations.  Groups ask big questions and look at their future through a variety of perspectives, discover new strategies and recommit themselves to their goals.

And it’s like putting the final pieces in a puzzle when you identify the organizational base – the staffing, fundraising, board development, etc. – that fits the program you’ve created.

The process draws the board and staff together, and the product gives you the foundation for building your organization and assessing your performance over the coming years.

Baird, the [Strategic Planning] Advance, bringing together so many disparate personalities and mix of members and non-members, was as successful as it was not only because of the preparation work, but your own calm and steady persona while there, laying it all out in the beginning, scheduling each part, then letting us go on, while all the while keeping us on track.  And now the “after” period, a bit less stressful, but also absolutely essential to have a timely follow through, to capture what we gained. Thank you for helping us with that too.” – Brock Adams, Endangered Species Coalition

Jay Mills leads breakout group on fundraising goals“SouthWings began its strategic planning at its ten-year anniversary, and was challenged with more than the usual complexity in this process.  Baird Straughan was able to gather the background, assess the Board and staff roles, and facilitate an eight month process with exceptional skill and perceptiveness.  His depth of experience is a real asset.” – Taylor Barnhill, SouthWings.  At right, Jay Mills leads a breakout group in setting fundraising goals.

Process and Tools for Strategic Planning