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I lead workshops on topics applicable to most small- to mid-sized nonprofits:

  • Recruiting new volunteers and developing new leaders

  • Strengthening your board

  • Planning your fundraising

  • Planning campaigns and projects

  • Financial management for boards

  • Working in networks and coalitions

  • Leadership skills for networks and coalitions

  • Avoiding burnout

The workshops are all custom designed to fit the goals you set.  They usually include an initial check-in, time to network, presentations and interactive exercises, and a final period to plan how you want to apply what you’ve learned in your work back at home.  You’re encouraged to bring multiple participants from your organizations, so that you can make decisions and do real work right in the room.

“Baird led a campaign planning workshop for The Mainstream Green Coalition on a day when snow shut down the rest of Columbus. It was our first training as a group and he gave us the tools and blueprint on how we needed to think differently on our approach and reach out to those non-traditional allies and incorporate them into our plan to renew our Clean Ohio Fund statewide ballot initiative. His insight and support will help us achieve victory at the ballot in 2008.” – Bill Demora, coordinator, Mainstream Green Coalition

“Baird Straughan has educated and encouraged the West Atlanta Watershed Alliance, on many levels. We first came in contact with him as trainer at the 2005 River Rally. Most of our board opted to attend his board development sessions. Everyone who did returned with a level of excitement and energy that still reverberates through our organization today. He followed up by coming to Atlanta, GA to conduct a 'Board University,' which we focused on moving our organization from volunteers to a more formal approach.  Again many of our board attended and learned the importance of setting a strategic plan.  One unique feature of that workshop was that we had time to break out into a mini board work session. With the insights we got that day, we built on the framework for our long and short range goals, many of which we are currently implementing!
"Since getting to know us, Baird has not only provided his expertise and knowledge but has taken a hands on approach to insuring our success and sustainability as an organization. By corresponding often to share updates and lend an ear he has shown he not only loves the environment, he loves people.  I believe it will be this quality that organizations large or small will find refreshing in a consultant.” – Darryl Haddock Education Director West Atlanta Watershed Alliance